The Birchfield House

Door to Bea's room, from outside and inside, and some furniture. The chairs are from a Sylvanian Families set.

Bea's door Bea's door Bea's room

Here is the living room with unpainted skirting. There's one extra piece as I wanted to paint it the correct color, so I'll have it in case I want to remove the fireplace at some point. Later I attached the skirting on the back wall using Tacky Wax, so it will be easy to replace, if necessary.

Living room

More furniture: a fridge and an oven. The cabinet in the third photo is made of wooden tea boxes and ended up becoming a display case for the basement.

Fridge Kitchen Cabinet

As there was a lot of space on the top floor wall, I decided to put a really large painting there. It is actually a trading card of Chris Achilleos' painting.


The basement

I decided to get the basement as long as it was available.


Here is its front in various stages of painting.

Basement Basement

Basement Basement

The wall beside the sidewalk was just two plain pieces of board. I first painted the grey lines to get the size and placement of stones and then used granite effect paint to create the stones.

Basement front pieces

Several views of the finished exterior of the basement.

Basement front Basement front Basement front

The entire building

Here is the entire building closed and open, with all lights installed. The third photo shows the wiring method, which is really messy looking, but any problems are easy to fix as all wires are easy to access. As the house is against the wall most of the time, this mess is not visible, so it doesn't bother me.

Birchfield House Birchfield House Birchfield House

Here a look from a bit farther away, with the house moved to a table. The basement front fits on the table even with the extension lowered, but the extension makes it easy to open the basement.

Birchfield House Birchfield House

Partly furnished basement.

Basement interior

When the extension part of the table is down, I can get quite close to the house and still sit down. The first photo also shows the size of the house. My other dollhouses are much smaller. In the second photo is the window to the stairs in the middle floor. All windows have curtains now and I also added windowsills to the staircase windows. The vase is attached with tacky wax to the windowsill as it would otherwise fall every time the front wall is opened.

Curtains Curtains

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