Custom dolls

Custom Bratz doll "Mina"

This Bratz doll was my first attempt at customizing a doll more than just making an outfit for it. I decided to start with this "Bride of Frankenstein" style, because it doesn't matter that the paint surface is uneven. I was more concerned about getting the eyes right. They are not the same size, but it was a choice between accepting this or starting all over again and I thought that real people do not have symmetrical eyes, so the doll doesn't need to have either.

Custom Bratz Mina Custom Bratz Mina

Custom Bratz Boyz doll "King"

This is a Bratz Boyz doll repainted as King Diamond. The doll was not the best possible choice for this, because the shape of the face is wrong, but it was the only one I could find that was even close. There are a couple of other errors too. He should have a mustache, but I found no way to add that and the upper lip is kind of small anyway. Also, the sideburns aren't quite right. He used to have them all the way down to the jaw, but in the recent photos he has none. The eye color is a guess as it's really hard to tell from the photos I've seen. Judging from how pale the color seems to be, I think it's blue gray, so that's what I used.

King Diamond

Monster High customs

For a description on how I made these custom dolls, see in my Crafts blog the postings for Greyscale Ghoulia and Bee.

Claire Bee

Living Dead Doll as Cousin Itt

This isn't actually a custom doll, just a Living Dead Doll with an old real life hair piece made of human hair (not a full wig, but a piece you'd use to make it look like you had more hair).

Cousin Itt