Small custom dolls

LPS/Polly Pocket hybrids

These two are Littlest Pet Shop heads in Polly Pocket bodies. The cat has an older Polly Pocket body and the mouse has a more recent one. I gave both a full body paint and then applied sealer. The trick for getting the head to stay straight and on proper height (so that the doll will have a neck) is to fill the head with suitable stuffing (I used filling meant for stuffed toys). The dolls are a bit smaller than Petite Catwalk Kitties, about the same height as the mini Living Dead Dolls.

LPS/Polly Pocket cat LPS/Polly Pocket mouse

Monster High customs

When I got a second Draculaura, I also got another Count Fabulous and decided to use him for a small customization project. The body came from a small fairy doll. I used craft knife to carve the head into correct shape and made a hole for the neck. The wings are attached with hot glue. Then I painted the figure and applied sealer. The hot glue makes the back look bumpy, but the front view is OK.

For a detailed description and more photos, see in my Crafts blog the posting for Small custom doll.

Count Fabulous and a friend


This little statue remained unpainted for a long time. You can see the unpainted version as a statue in the Mad Hatter story (the "Guns" photo near the end of the page). The second picture is there to show the scale. This was definitely the hardest paint job I've ever done, because it was so hard to see anything, let alone keep my hands from shaking and ruining the painted lines.

Elvira Elvira