1/12 scale bar furniture for the Radio House

These pieces of furniture are for the Radio House.


This shows the basic structure of the bar. The base is made of cardboard and ceramic tiles and the top is cardboard.

Cupboard House

The stars on the table top have two different sizes glued together.

Cupboard House

After painting the top, I placed it upside down on a sheet of plastic, placed the stars on the holes and filled the holes with PVA glue. Placing the piece on a glossy plastic sheet makes the finished table top removable in one piece once the glue is entirely dry.

Cupboard House Cupboard House Cupboard House

After removing the piece from the plastic sheet, I painted the underside of the holes to get the background color for the stars.

Cupboard House Cupboard House

The last part was varnishing the top and attaching it to the base.

Cupboard House

Wine rack

The strips with U-shaped indents in front of the rack are from the backboard of the radio.

Wine rack Wine rack Wine rack


The sofa is from a dollhouse furniture kit made of untreated wood. I just painted it and covered it partly in fabric.

Sofa Sofa

Bar sign

The sign is a box made of small piece of wood and some balsa wood strips. The hole in the back wall is there to accommodate the curve in the back of the light and the short balsa strips ensure that the light stays in the right place, in the middle of the sign. The opening on the top provides access to the light switch.

Bar sign Bar sign Bar sign

The green strips in front form grooves into which the front of the sign can be inserted. The front is just a piece of paper with a printed picture.

Bar sign Bar sign

Other items

The glasses are pieces of ink cartridges (the kind used in an ink pen). The liquid in some of them is window color, which dries to be translucent. The bar stool is a painted spool of sewing thread with a seat made of cardboard, bit of felt and a piece of leather.

Drinks Bar stool