Miniature garden in 1/12 scale

Although some parts of the garden are in 1/12 scale, the garden as a whole is not in any specific scale as it is a fantasy garden with different sized creatures.

The stone wall in the garden is made of cardboard, Cernit modeling clay, paint, and two corbels. It was really easy to make. I just cut the cardboard to desired size, made the stones out of clay, arranged them and corbels on the cardboard leaving room for the water feature, and glued the stones and corbels to the cardboard.

To make the stones, I used a mould used for creating terrain for model railways. I cut the clay into pieces of slightly varying sizes and just pressed the pieces against different parts of the mould. This way, the stones have different surface patterns.

Unpainted stone wall

To make the water feature, I cut its wall and bottom out of cardboard and painted the wall with granite effect paint. Then I covered the bottom piece with a thin layer of Fimo Soft granite clay and made the pond walls out of tiles made of the same clay. I made the arch separately because the granite paint probably would not have liked the temperature required for baking it.

The face to be placed on the wall is a plaster casting. It's the Cheshire Cat from American McGee's Alice. I couldn't find anything I liked, so I made it myself. I used a plastic figure of the Cheshire Cat to make the mould for it.

Water feature

After gluing the pond to the water feature's wall part, I sealed the pond walls from the inside using glue that becomes transparent when dry. When the glue was dry, I put in the coins and fishes, then poured in Scenic Water. When it was hardened, I added the water lily and leaves.

Water feature with lilies and fish

When the glue on the stone wall was dry, I painted the wall. First the entire surface with the background color, then the stones individually with various shades of grey. When the paint had dried, I glued the water feature on the wall. Then I noticed that something wasn't quite right. The stones looked too new and clean.

Painted stone wall

After applying blackwash (thinned black paint) and some vines, the wall looked much better.

Blackwashed stone wall

The ground is a piece of cardboard painted green and covered with green turf used for miniature railroad scenery. I tried first applying glue to the cardboard and sprinkling the turf on it, but the resulting layer was much too thin. Then I mixed the turf material with some PVA glue and water to get a thick mixture that was easy to apply and gave a nice, uneven surface that looks much more realistic.

Turf in place

Then it was time to move the entire thing into its window box, which is actually meant for growing small flowers, but it works fine for this purpose. Instead of having view into the garden only from the front, this box provides view from both sides and above also.

Click the picture to see a larger version.

Finished garden