1/24 scale Fantasy Villa dollhouse

The description of the earlier stages of building this house can be found in my Crafts blog.

This is a Fantasy Villa built from a laser-cut set. The first picture is the front of the package, showing the dollhouse assembled, but not painted. The other two pictures show the house semi-assembled with electrical wiring and wallpapers in place.

Box cover View from back View from front

In the first picture below, the roof is in place and part of the house has been painted. The parts of the kit do not fit together very well in some places, so there will be gaps left in some places although I've tried to eliminate them whenever possible. The second picture shows the house with a bit more painting done. Also, the window frames are now in place.

Partly painted house with roof attached General view

Here is the house with the exterior finished. I may add some gargoyles or other decorations to it, but the house is now completely assembled and painted.

General view General view General view

Here are some interior shots of the house. First, lamps I have made myself.

Lighting fixture Lighting fixture Lighting fixture

Couple of shots from the attic.

General view General view

Hello Kitty surveying her new house.

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

Some details and the fully lighted house

Details Details

Details Details Details

For more photos of the furnished house, see the Fantasy Villa stories set on this house.